Doing Business in the City of Olympia

City License and Tax Information

Contact information
City Name:Olympia
Contact:Business License & Tax Accountant
Phone: (360) 753-8327
City Business License
Is license required?Yes | Apply online
What is the fee? $30
What is the fee based on?Based on type of business
How often do I renew? Annual
Is the renewal less than original fee?No
Are there additional requirements for a home-based business?Yes, $30 annual fee
Are there other special types of licenses?
For example, tow truck, taxi or solicitor.
Yes, contact the city
Local Business and Occupation Tax (B&O)Yes | Find your rates
Local Sales TaxFind your sales tax rate
Other Requirements
County Information Thurston County

Apply for a license on-line

Licensing requirements can change periodically. You should confirm your requirements as you go through the application process.

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