Doing Business in the City of Olympia

City License and Tax Information

Contact information
City Name:Olympia
Contact:Business License & Tax Accountant
Phone: (360) 753-8327
City Business License
Is license required?Yes | Apply online
What is the fee? $80
What is the fee based on?Based on type of business
How often do I renew? Annual
Is the renewal less than original fee?Yes
Are there additional requirements for a home-based business?$30.00 + $94.00 inspection
Are there other special types of licenses?
For example, tow truck, taxi or solicitor.
Yes, contact the city
Local Business and Occupation Tax (B&O)Yes | Find your rates
Local Sales TaxFind your sales tax rate
Other Requirements
County Information Thurston County

Use the information on this page to determine what the licensing requirements are for this city.

Licensing requirements can change periodically. You should confirm your requirements as you go through the application process.

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